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How do I get to your venues?

Methodist College is just opposite the Ulster Museum on the Malone Road and close to the City hospital on the Lisburn Road and is therefore easy to access. There is plenty of parking available on site within the College grounds close to the swimming pool. The address is Methodist College, 1 Malone Road, Belfast BT9 6BY.

Inst RBAI is situated at College Square East, a few minutes from the Grand Opera House and next to The Fitzwilliam Hotel.   Parking is available right beside the swimming pool in the school grounds. The address is RBAI, College Square East, Belfast BT1 6DL.

We will send you directions by text once you have booked your swimming class.


How do I book a space for my child and know which class is right for them ?

We spend time allocating the best class for your child. Once you contact us we will discuss your child’s swimming experience and allocate a suitable class for your preferred time, day and venue. The age and ability of your child will affect where we think they are best placed to continue their swim education. Once you have confirmed you want a space we will send you a confirmation text with payment details, directions and a registration form attached (this must be filled in before you attend your first class). We will assess your child on site on the first day to ensure they are in the right class for their ability. Once you are in Watertots you will receive  a priority text every term to check if you wish to continue with your classes. If you need to change time or venue at any stage we will do our best to accommodate this.


How much do lessons cost ?

All lessons cost £12.00, payable in two instalments if preferred (one at the start of the term and one mid way through the term). Each term lasts between 6 and 13 weeks. If you join part way through a term, then you just pay for the remaining number of classes.

We also offer a discount if you have 3 or more children swimming with us or if you swim twice a week.


How is payment processed?

Payment can be made either by bank transfer or cash/cheque on poolside. A text will be sent with payment details once your class is confirmed.


What should we pack for our swimming class?

You will need appropriate swimwear, a pair of goggles and a towel. We do not need you to bring any other equipment as we have all of this for you. If your child is not toilet trained then a swim nappy and a Happy Nappy must be worn until they are fully trained.


Do I have to get in the pool with my child?

Only children swimming in our Parent and Child classes need to be accompanied in the water. This accompaniment will be a parent, grandparent or carer. Only one adult is permitted in the pool with each child.


Will I always have the same teacher?

We always strive for consistency and aim to provide the same teacher for your child every week. If for any reason your normal teacher is not available we will always provide a cover teacher appropriately matched to the class and will contact you to inform you of this.


What happens if my child can’t attend their usual class?

We will endeavour to work with you and where it is possible we can make up a class for your child. If it is due to a medical condition this will of course be decided on an individual basis. We would prefer that the children swim in their allocated swimming class for continuity and progression. Swopping continually is not good for a child’s development in the pool. During COVID this is not possible as we keep the kids in class bubbles.


Reasons why you should not attend

If your child has suffered from a tummy bug, it is important to wait two days after the first solid movement before going swimming. Children with ear infections should not swim. Don’t go swimming with your baby if they have an infectious disease. This includes diarrhoea, a heavy cold and conjunctivitis. Any Covid symptoms YOU SHOULD NOT ATTEND. Please inform us if your child needs to isolate.


What qualifications do your teachers have?

Every Watertots teacher is qualified holding either the STA Award in Swimming Teaching or ASA Award in Swimming Teaching or Swim Ireland. All are enhanced police checked and have completed their child protection course. Poolside are all qualified in life saving.

Each teacher is a member of the Swimming Teachers’ Association or Swim Ireland and is covered by their public liability insurance, as well as Watertots Ltd holding comprehensive swim school insurance.


How long will it take for my child to learn to swim?

Every child is different and will progress at different rates. We continually assess progress and adapt classes as required. We are happy to provide feedback at any point or answer any questions you may have in regard to your child’s progression.


Things to remember

Babies should wait one hour after a feed before swimming. Children should not eat less than one hour before private classes. Please do not chew gum in class. Please tie your child’s hair back. Please remove any jewellery before class. No one can enter the pool before their class and must leave after their class has ended. No running on poolside.


What if I can’t swim myself?

In our parent and child classes this is not a problem. You will not go out of your depth at any time and the teacher will adapt certain elements of the programme to ensure that you are comfortable and happy at all times. You will never be pressured to do anything you do not want to do. In our private classes you are not required to be In the pool – your child Is accompanied by our teach In the water for the duration of the 30 minute lesson.



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