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Child Protection Policy

Watertots Child Protection policy

Watertots is committed to ensuring that any child who attends Watertots is treated with care and respect and that all activities are carried out in a safe and stimulating environment which promotes the social, physical and emotional development of the individual pupil. We have a duty of care and follow the United Nations Convention on the rights of children which states that ‘ children have the right to be protected from all forms of violence, they must be kept safe from harm and they must be given proper care by looking after them’.

All teachers and workers fully recognise the contribution they make to safeguarding the children in our care during classes and to protect ourselves from false accusations.

The safeguarding team are:

Jill Brennan

Christine Watson

Kerry Quinn


  • A register of attendance will be taken at each session.
  • Children shall never be left unattended – if a parent leaves the child and we are informed we must ensure that the child does not leave the premises until their parent returns.
  • All workers will be access NI checked and hold a child protection certificate.
  • No child shall be put in a dangerous, uncomfortable or difficult situation which could put him/her at risk.
  • All children shall be treated equally.
  • All children will be listened to.
  • Watertots must be made aware of any health issues affecting a child which may impact them in any way in our care.
  • We must provide a first aid kit at each centre, trained first aid staff, access to a mobile phone.
  • No alcohol or drugs can be on any premises at any time.
  • All parents/carers must read and sign our registration form – our photo policy is included in this.
  • All information held on a child is confidential and not shared.
  • Swimming ratios will be upheld at all times within classes.
  • Changing rooms will be kept separate for boys & girls and over 8’s just change in their own sex changing room. No female adults in the male changing rooms and vice versa. A private pop up changing area will be placed in each changing room, should a child prefer to use this.



Where a child confides in a member of the Watertots team and requests that the information is kept secret it is important that the child is told sensitively that it may be necessary to share the information with those who can help and explain that it is important to ensure the child’s safekeeping.


Procedures for reporting

If a child makes a disclosure to a teacher which gives rise to concerns about possible abuse this must be reported to Jill, Kerry or Christine. He/she should not investigate – this must be discussed with the child protection officers and full notes made which are signed and dated. A plan of action must be put in place and followed up. A written record must be kept of all actions.

It must be decided whether social services must be involved in the best interests of the child and unless there are concerns that the parents are a possible abuser they must be informed.

If against a worker at Watertots a director must be informed immediately and the member of staff may be removed from duties as a precautionary measure pending investigations by social services.


Responding to a disclosure

  • Stay calm
  • Listen
  • Accept
  • Be Discreet
  • Reassure that they were right to talk to you
  • Do not make promises you cant keep
  • Do not promise confidentiality
  • Ask open questions
  • Do not critique the child or the perpetrator
  • Explain what will happen next
  • Record and keep EVERYTHING that happened, was said, observed
  • Sign the record
  • Refer to the correct person in charge




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